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Round-Up of BraveDesign 2014

Fiona and I beavered away for the most part on separate projects this year for our regular and much cherished clients!  The result was the standard crop of logos, pamphlets, leaflets, ads, postcards, a website or two: ( here plus this one!) a showreel or two, and multiple bits and bobs.  

The highlight came in November working at screaming full pelt to produce 4 x 5 min movies for a whopper of a pitch for Nick, Trevor and the team at KBW Design. Homelife went on hold as Fe and I jammed 20 plus days into less than a fortnight and burnt every last droplet of oil around the clock to get the job done for its deadline.

After Effects had to take a back seat and instead we dusted off our Premiere Pros and dived headlong in.  It's great to discover how closely everything works together in Adobe's Creative Suite these days.  With a bit more time we'd have done more exploring, particularly between After Effects and Premiere Pro but this was never going to be one of those jobs!

BraveDesign's blackboard came in handy helping us keep track of the colossal flow of info, images, movies and sound files, but our best discovery without doubt was Jasper Lloyd and his assistant Alex at SharkFin Productions. They offered everything we needed and more; a full understanding of the project, wizardry in Premiere Pro and all aspects of production, loads of experience and therefore flexibility, reliability and best of all .... CALM! 

With all of us on board we were able to deliver on deadline 4 x classy standalone movies, (with permission, on Vimeo shortly) complete with Russian voice over and subtitles, which brought to life KBW's vision for 4 beautifully conceived and designed Expo show Pavillions.   

Despite the pressure (ok yes, the odd sob), the late nights, the abandonment of family and the diet of hot chocolate and cheese on toast, Fiona and I both loved the exhilaration and challenge this project threw at us, as well as the great pleasure of working with passionate fellow designers.

Whatever 2015 has in store ... BRING IT ON!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All

PS We never did find out if you can create a moving track matte in Premiere Pro like you can in After Effects.   Anybody...?

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